Software Engineer
San Diego, CA
2009 - Present
it is design, inc.
Personal Corporation
2014 - Present
Dr. Fred Novice Dermatology
Graphic Design & Web Development
Kevin Paulson Insurance Agency
Graphic Design & Web Development
Seiber Keast Civil Engineering
Data Design & Web Development
2012 - Present
Young Heavy Souls
Web Design & Development
US Soccer Federation
Data Design and Analytics
2012 - Present
Scarpace Lure CO
Web Design and Development
Fiji Yogurt
Web Design & Development
2013 - Present
Rec Rents
Web Design & Development
Front Door Solutions
Web/Data Design
Natural Log Skate
ECommerce, Web Design

In the interest of full disclosure, feel free to click here to watch me smother one into the ocean off the teebox of #18 at Pebble Beach

Official Titles:

  • UI Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Innovations Software Engineer
  • Lead Solutions Engineer
  • Solutions Consultant

Digital Marketing Experience:

  • Publisher
  • Client
  • Vendor


While attending the University of Colorado in 2009, I started my own company selling websites to small, local businesses in Boulder, Colorado. It was started with a very simple goal in mind: provide companies an effective, aesthetic, and affordable web presence in order to fund my excessive golf and travel habits. 9 years later, my USGA handicap has dropped from a 16 to a 4.8, and I have a portfolio of work spanning graphic design, web development, data management, and software engineering across a wide variety of industries - automotive, finance, culinary, retail, and law, to name a few.

I have spent time in both design and development but have found my niche by sitting between business and IT. Communication is key to bridging the gap between business needs and technical resources and I've found myself providing this value at every firm I've been employed, regardless of title.


In my 9 years operating as a freelance designer, I've worked on printed goods, customized clothing, Wordpress Themes, Squarespace and Wix customizations, Shopify Themes, and Magento E-Commerce sites.


I've spent the last four years building and delivering enterprise-level adtech software at Verve focusing on TDD with Ruby on Rails. I've worked in GoLang in a services architecture, as well in a variety of libraries within the ever-sprawling Javascript ecosystem (React & Redux, most recently).


If there is one thing that sets me apart from my competition, it is my attention to the client and my ability to address their technological needs in a way that they understand. I truly believe that my ability to communicate, both with consulting engineers and requirement providers, is my biggest strength.


There's a very high chance that we will high-five at some point during the creative process.

Still Not Convinced?

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  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Javascript/Coffeescript
  • Elastic Search
  • GoLang
Data Architecture
San Diego, California
Boulder, Colorado
Detroit, Michigan