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Casa Colibrí is a not-for-profit humanitarian organization committed to helping the Mayan people of
northwest Guatemala improve their lives through programs in health, education, and related infrastructure.

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Casa Colibri Programs

Here at Casa Colibri we focus our efforts on three ongoing programs: Healthcare, Literacy & Education, and Infrastructure.

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Latest News

Preparing the Jornada

Preparing the Jornada

What does it take to prepare for a medical/dental trip at Casa Colibri? A lot! Extensive planning is underway to ensure that 19 members of the Casa Colibri team will be able to effectively meet the needs of the approximately 1,000 patients they anticipate seeing...

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Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Four years of perseverance and sacrifice were culminating in the ultimate accomplishment – graduation with a nursing degree from the most prestigious university in Guatemala. Mateo was becoming a professional nurse! He will be working full time at the clinic, allowing...

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